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Pharrell – Happy – Worldwide Compilation #HappyDay

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People from many places across the world (23 cities, 17 countries, all continents except Antarctica) dancing and being happy to Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” πŸ™‚

If you like the idea, you can watch the awesome original videos in full length:

Antananarivo, Madagascar –
Barcelona, Spain –
and also
Belfast, UK –
Berlin, Germany –
Bialystok, Poland –
Bizerta, Tunisia –
Cape Town, South Africa –
Florence, Italy –
Geneva, Switzerland –
Hong Kong, China –
Jajce, Bosnia –
Kampot, Cambodia –
Lodz, Poland –
Nassau, Bahamas –
New York, USA –
Paris, France –
Poznan, Poland –
Sao Paulo, Brazil –
Sfax, Tunisia –
Sydney, Australia –
Tokyo, Japan –
Toulon, France –

I still haven’t made a video for Sarajevo (just a short clip), but I’ll post it here if I get it done.

Don’t worry, be happy πŸ™‚


Awesome Chuper says:

CapeTown South Africa my tuis dorp(My hometown)

Genni Marks says:

Brilliant! Makes my heart sing. Straight from heaven for our world!

Blogg Chick Bommels says:

peace World Peace ASAP

Paresh Vala says:

Oh… you are one of the best messenger… please keep trying to spread the message of peace and love… My best wishes…

jorge says:


Rhonda Robbins says:

how can we get an mp4 version of the video?

DataNav Buoyant Tub says:

i had a small mental breakfown and this cured it THX <3

Tet Gallardo says:

NO Philippines? no viral.

jusuf amir says:

Proud to be from Bosnia !!!

Plutot Crever says:

No burkas ? Wait, music is prohibited. And dance. And happiness too, probably. And also being a part of the rest of the world.

Marie Jenkins says:

Good job! That was great.

Joseph Marquez says:

We will take our kiwis and go. Kidding nice vid

AssetB says:

Hi, Did you ask permission of the copyright holder to use the song Happy? We would like to use the song for a non-profit organization and are debating the process for licensing? It seems like Pharrel + Label are fairly low-key on people using the song? Can you advice?

Nanci Creamer says:

Hello. I'm happy. I'm in Canada…where's Canada? Right HERE. So lovely to see all these countries participating in the video…did not see Canada represented. We are right next to the United States. We are VERY multi-cultural and celebrate this nationally as we are a nation of immigrants, with the First Nations tribes of Canada being the Ist nation born Canadians.How to ???

NickWarnerMedia says:

Love this! Check out my cover when you have a chance!

제이컀λ₯˜ says:

I SO LOVE HAPPY!!!!! Me: Plays song and dance. Angela and Angle dance to. Becky and Cindy dance. Vanessa and Victoria dance. Madie and Crystal dance. Even Samantha and Cj dance. All of us dance to happy because we love it and we feel free! β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘ β˜…β˜†β˜…β˜†β˜…

Joey Newsum says:

It's so nice to see so many people happy, such a pitty that I know that most of the people in the world that have little to no money are sitting down and starving to death… I wish all these happy people would share their happiness with those less fortunate.

Ben Rossi says:

Great video. Just took me on my own little vacation. I felt though that they repeated certain locations too often

bignardo95 says:

A year later. STILL DOPE

Chouuher86 1 says:

That was assume that made me so happy. … and laugh at some parts.

Michelle Marulanda says:

Can I PLEASE!! Use the first 2 min of this video for a project…?

saras .life ideas says:

Hello Bosnia, loveliest country!

N. Joy says:


Christine Molly says:

Absolutly the most fabulous song ever recorded. Very Happy indeed lol all xxx

Andy Czubai says:

What a wonderful video. I actually escaped from all of the daily CRAP going on in the world while watching this. I smiled……

BraNNue LIFE says:

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