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Thanks for watching! Everyone shown in this video gave us permission to film them and use it in this video =)


Chloe Newton says:

Ellie and Jared you are a lovely couple and you are kind and generous

Rodolfo Benitez says:

thank you very much to do all this for my brothers. God bless you

partnertuff says:

I realize this is 2 years old, but man….God bless you.

Lindsay Anne says:

november 2017 and this still makes me cry

Tom Sawyer says:

i hope i can meet someone this kind one day…maybe even for Christmas so i can get my kids some good gifts

Daniel Garza says:

Elie &jared favorite youtube video name alexissilva

Missy P says:

i am just now seeing this omg so sweet.. totally  in tears !!

ragaisin riamei says:

i luv u all

sbb85 says:

u guys are great…wish there were more like u…..u will be blessed many times

Rahns says:

I come back and watch this video a lot. It just makes me wish that next Christmas I can do this for people. I don't understand why this video doesn't have more views! The both of you are amazing and you should feel so so happy to have such warm and loving hearts.

Cheshire Cat says:

I wish all of the world was like them.

Melanie Hicks says:

what's your friends YouTube

Kristen Oliveira says:

God bless you guys!

Tamara Rácz says:

LOVE you Ellie and Jared❤❤❤❤

Patti Hawks says:

IIf I were one of those people you helped, I would've been so shocked and grateful! You all are amazing, God is working through you and He is the most amazing! Praise His Holy Name! All Glory to Him!

Maisie Moo says:

This is amazing! You are such a lovely family! I dream to have a wonderful like yours when I am older. Such an amazing example for your kids. thank you so much for spreading the joy and kindness. It's small acts like these that give hope and help create peace. If only more people thought like you or were able to. I cried during this. It's so amazing. this was a beautiful thing you guys did. With all the bad that there is in the world, for people who complain or are upset today, they need to watch this video. merry christmas and a happy new year guys! 😀

Jacinta Bury says:

Most amazing people, I love watching your videos honestly

Aleksandra S says:

You guys are so generous and so nice! xx

Ellie Witt says:

Yall are such good people I hope I am Half the people you guys are when im your age !

Donna Penn says:

Doubt you'll see this but how awesome this is! The spirit of Christmas in practice!

Breanna & Kevan says:

I wish I could give this video a million thumbs up! You guys are doing such a great thing and definitely made a difference to many people's Christmas' this year…

Nick Statham says:

Jared sounds just like LinusTechTips.

Keiji John Libadisos says:


Caglehead268 says:

4:37 you'd like to pay off some people's what?? leg warmers??

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