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Q 2-5 Best of the Board Find the roll 1 of 4 Viral

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Best of the boards 2-5-18

Taking back our country feels so good!! The generations ahead must never forget how to play the game! Glad you all are with me. The saga continues let’s enjoy the show and bring in the second American Revolution!













Annette Nevin says:

Would you post the photo of Ds on Ipones…so that we may download and enhance so see message…


Chelsea Clinton is married to Mark Mezvinsky, purported to be Soros' nephew and denied by Snopes-which is controlled by none other than Soros!

Lisa Maureen says:

It could be that Article 3 was what VJ/AS were discussing. The 2 silent listeners could be the the 2 witnesses they are going to use to accuse Trump of something treasonous. This is what they do right.. invert the truth and project what they are guilty of on Trump and his administration. That's what they did with U1, Russia etc. So the public is confused and it's harder to change the narrative.

Lisa Maureen says:

Can you post links to all the different boards that have been created to organize that you mentioned in this video?

Dave Room says:

Here is a petition for the audio of HRC saying keep them starved, blind, and stupid: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/declassify-audio-hrc-saying-keep-them-starved-blind-stupid-about-black-people-releasetheaudio

Annette Nevin says:

re routsthey contacted 9 others     2 othersin reference to Article 3  –  Section 3…whatever that is

The Empress Speaks with Denise says:

True lies…YT…schiffs sister was married to soros son …. wow!

Tina Shay says:

Q is telling us that we have the power to and the DUTY to stop the corruption in our own localities. Q doesnt mean we should storm our local court house or anything… (maybe) but we have the power to stop injustices when they are happening… to stop corruption when it is happening… to look deep for the corruption in our own towns… And STOP IT ON OUR OWN…?! HOW SIMPLE DOES IT HAVE TO BE WRITTEN?

Susannah L. Simmons says:

Remember in an earlier post Q stated that cameras are not allowed in the house. They have their own cameras four feeds.

Sophia Majors says:

Your explanation of why Q doesn’t just give us the answers, couldn’t be said in a better way. You are so right! We the People used to know the laws of the land like the back of our hand, and it’s a shame to see how far away from our past generations that we’ve been separated. Everyone needs to grab a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Edition and get to it! You’ll be Amazed/Shocked at how their (play on words) has been deceiving us! Learn the laws that govern this beautiful land that we stand on and watch miracles happen!

David Morrow says:

Two things on my part 1. Who thinks the FISA Court itself is not corrupt??? 2.Why would the THE Rothchild's sell off a major generational property? Is their money in the BANK already seized, or did George call wanting more money for ANTIFA?????

Annette Nevin says:

"top is bottom, left is right"

Annette Nevin says:

think mirror

Andre Walker says:


Andre Walker says:


Glenn Benedict says:

Mueller ? More like mole-r

Annette Nevin says:

States " thing mirror"

Annette Nevin says:

Could the hidden dots on the American Flag…held upside down, viewed through a mirror image…relate to The Map…? be a clue, from Q?

Megalon Video says:

We need to start a Civil Suit to follow up the current public memo. Though all of the channels and news are speaking of the Trump spying, WE were the main focus of the spying. We need to sue them, whether there are convictions or not.

douglas tillinghast says:

Can you enlarge screen can’t follow

douglas tillinghast says:

At stou Nancy polosie bent toward person next to her and looked like she said Trump needs to be shot, look carefully

Veronica Pohlig says:

we're like minute men Welcome to American Revolution 2.0!!

Family of Nancy Thomas says:

Center lady was probably typing response to the SOTU – oh wow, I now must edit this. I think she was committing treason

Nunya Bidness says:

images of the text message on that phone from congress women will not be found online! its been doctored! we must resquest the raw footage from the House Committee. Im not sure how to go about that, maybe judicial watch or James O'Keef can do this. q says this must be done and saved off line.

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