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Real Life Capsule Fighters (OGPlanet Contest Entry)

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I won 6th place and a runner-up prize. Thanks a lot for everyone’s support!
This is my contest entry for OGPlanet’s V for Viral Contest. It is basically my own interpretation of the game in a reality environment, and I tried to make it seem true to the game, yet still with a somewhat realistic feel. I used stop-motion to animate the sequences and recorded some of the songs, and finally touching it up with some special effects. I work really hard on this, and I hope you enjoy it.

==Songs used (in order):
1. SDGO Battle Results song (My own cover)
2. Ai Senshi – Soldiers of Sorrow (My own cover)
3. SDGO Battle Music – Colony Fall
4. SDGO Battle Music – African Desert
5, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OST – RX-0

IGN: Harobyte


Jason Fabian says:

fuck who made this ,,|,, (^_^),,|,,

KarsiSLitto says:

IGN: Karsi50

Owen Xie says:

Oh my god this video is so cool every1 should vote for it

Samule Smith says:

amazing job desu!

ProToClaN approves

spirit771 says:

IGN: Spirito

Somefurfag says:


Go fuck yourself.

RayizRambo says:

The idea of this was very awesome and original.
IGN: iredcrowi ForumName: iibezerkid
Hope you win
Send me S rank Wing [EW] if you can XD. -and a slot expander :P-

Zeon_Ace says:

pretty good man

IGN: NoelX(forum name: XNoelX, just in case)

Mirivie says:

Hah 😀 Thats pretty nice ^^
– Nightmatka (EU)

Carol Hecox says:


Lilian Kang says:

LOL carol wtf calm ur self girl XD.

Carol Hecox says:

Nice man! hope you win… I would so do that astray if i was a guy 😀
IGN: GNChairThrow

Love hurts…. only when you use protection.

Lilian Kang says:

Good job!!! hope you win!!! i know how much efford that stopmotion takes lol….
ProToClaN approves!!!!

Kevin Bennett says:

There New Game is Great Cool

IGN: kevinbennett

Game: Rumble Fighter

Thumbs Up If You Agree

Leo Xue says:

Obviously its an interpretation of the game, so it gives an overview without being unoriginal and just showing a recording of the actual game itself. I think it's a fun and creative way of promoting the game, unlike many others.

>.> also they are models, not "dolls".

rick marvin says:

game:rumble fighter
awesome !

Timaay Turner says:

Lol that was awesome and funny. I love when burning came

maxspecs says:

Not bad at all. The bit at the end drawing capsules made me laugh a bit…and die a bit, because that's happened to me so often. Good luck with the contest.

Game: SDGO
IGN: Specs

Nir Zadok says:

Game:Lost Saga

Aznable85 says:


IGN: Aznable85

MalkathiusRecord says:

Pretty neat.

IGN: Malkathius
Game: SD Gundam Capsule Fighter

Harry Childers says:

Little excessive on the effects but still really good.

IGN: Irrelevance

Game: LaTale

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