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Shih Tzu puppy completely relaxed during bath time

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Think this little puppy is enjoying her bath? Check out how relaxed she is!

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CHAYAN Harjai says:

sooooo cute

kcraft38 says:

so cute. I watch puppy videos when I'm sad, and they put me in a good mood

kasey Red says:

My shih tzu isn't quite THAT relaxed but 3 yrs later he still loves his baths.

Michael Mkerchyan says:

"Soooo Comfyyyyyy!" – Puppy

Brandon Drangel says:

My baby Luna had 5 babies and she is two years old. She went from being my selfish little girl to a hard working mother overnight. God makes the world so amazing as a switch turned on in her little body and now she's a superstar mommy.

My boy, Libman is attached to my wife but Luna is my girl. If your baby is going to have puppies be warned it will drain her. My poor baby is super thin and no matter how many vitamins, fatty proteins and other food I give her those little angels suck the life from her. At first it scared me as I love the puppies but she's still my number one. She knows when she needs to rest though and she comes over to me and lays down, I stroke her little head and she's out like a light. Jesus's greatest gift on Earth is love and no one can tell me that dogs cannot love. I just look into their little eyes and I can feel it. When I get home from work after 8 to 10 hours she wants me to hold her and she actually cries (from her eyes and she makes crying sounds) she is so happy.

Shih Tzu's are a lot of work but they are well worth it. And the puppies are absolutely scary cute. My wife wants to keep them all but with my baby and hers, even if we keep one we're at 3. So we are doing our research now to make sure they go to amazing homes. Merry Christmas and God Bless everyone!

123chrchr says:

Aww reminds me of my own shih tzu when she was a pup XD

mikrokupu says:

Puppy Day Spa

Dragon Butt says:

that is one fluffy potato

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