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Steve Harvey Reacts To Viral Dog With Human Face

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Some say he looks like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ actor Jake Gyllenhaal, but Steve Harvey says he looks like a human soul trapped in a dog. That’s deep.

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Hey It's Jennifer says:

I just see a cute doggo

Leo Graham says:

lol.. poor ruben

kitty 1905 says:

That dog look like Jake Gyllenhaal

Latasha Miller says:

Leave Ruben alone……lol

Lady Labyrinth says:

am i missing something? looks like a dogs face to me

Albert Ybarra says:

I felt bad for that guy. He was laughing but deep down inside he wanted knock the taste out of Steve's Harvey's mouth!!

Victor K says:

The dog is photoshopped

Alpha Adeeb says:

Not really funny

Mthwakazian Mthwakazian says:

How is this funny?

Glitchy Mountain says:

Looks like the guy from that "You know I'm somewhat of a scientist myself" meme

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