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Super cute chocolate lab puppy cuddling in bed

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MsLeelee94 says:

I can't stop mine from biting me he has 20 toys food snacks but he snacks on my hands maybe it will get better

rackinfrackin says:

Lucky you! If that were my puppy I'd never leave the house!

ReaverTheSurvivalist says:

"Just be good!" "I'm not good! I'm a good boy!" "Just be a good boy!" "I already am a goid boy!"

uknowitsthegamer says:


Annabelle Sousa says:

So cute god bless

Pablo Estévez Lago says:

It seems a pseudo-fake labrador… not pedigree dog.

V M says:

I will cubble this choco pup

Super happy Lovely baby says:

cute dog. What is his name ?

Shahin x says:

This is the cutest pup in the world. Never seen anything like it:-)

Petra Nyman says:

OMG im jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scourge Darkpaw says:

dogs are better than girls because they r always happy to see u

jellyfish53 says:

There is nothing; and I mean NOTHING; like a Lab puppy. They are adorable and feisty at the same time!

Ben Middleton says:


Jess Chan says:

Labs are the best! I miss mine so much. Really miss petting his ears the most.

ItsFrankieBoy says:

Haha what a face on him

Darken NoShinka says:

Baby wants to cuddle with daddy

Koto Nizna says:

My 60kg chocolate lab is 19 months old and i miss him being a puppy. He still sleeps in my bedroom but he has his own bed..right next to to mine lols. im planning to adopt another lab next summer .

AlmondGaming says:

Your lab is so goddamn adorable, I have one of my own, but it's 7 months old so it lost some of her cuteness

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