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The Best Puppy Surprise for Kids Compilation 2016 #25

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The Best Puppy Surprise for Kids Compilation


Bird Paws *Roblox Jurassic world warrior cats* says:

ej piervze jest po polsku (Sorry i am polish but i never went to a polish school so im not good at writing polish..)

Jonisha Sima says:

the other dog look left out

dtiydr says:

A puppy: when the marriage is on the way to a deep dive south.

dtiydr says:

0:30 If you would have asked her what was most important for her right now she would think this puppy and be very close to say it but after 3 seconds of silence say my husband and children.

Elbertt ML says:

1:18 black dog, oh shit nigga D:

arthur bellington Googlecalendar says:

too much white knight in this video


Omg 6:46 that thing is soooooo precious


3:50 that golden retriever puppy was like alright here we go cute time today is the day I gotta run jump lick roll fall down look goofy and try not to fart poop or pee at least till I'm back at there house and once I get there it pooo city

jonathan alcantara says:

mmmmm super sweet .

Дмитрий Гор says:


Tamara Awiszus says:

und die Hunde wahrscheinlich so …..ok..

Continental Nobleman says:

vertical videos alert.

Sergey Faynitskiy says:

Dog is not a BDay or some Valentines day gift you fucks!
It is alive and smart creature don't act like it is thing or toy.
That son of a bitch placed puppy in to closed box just to make his whore happy… This has to be illegal, just as putting baby in the closed box.
Or what about that motherfucker who gave dog as Bday gift to his little daughter – "Look, this is your birthday present" – now little girl will think that this puppy is her toy…
Those people don't deserve dog, and should not have the right to keep a pet.

manuel mendoza says:

en EE.UU sera tan dificil tener perritos ??? en mi pais tengo que regalarlos y pagar pára que se los lleven

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