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The Best Puppy Surprise for Kids Compilation 2017 #45

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The Best Puppy Surprise for Kids Compilation


Ben Dairy says:

Next time some lefty tells you there are 52 genders or gender is a social construct, just show them this video and ask them to explain what causes the reactions of these girls.

Christine Aira Isurita says:

Seeing these clips make me cry like a dog

Roxy says:

Fällt nur mir das auf ? Die meisten Kids kreischen und quitschen und heulen anstatt sich dem Hund zuzuwenden. Ziemlich viel Selbstdrama nach meinem Geschmack. Ansonsten aber ein nett gemeintes Vid.

Michael Kelly says:

I am grinning like an idiot

heymisterderp says:

And puppies really love little girls too.

Goku Hue says:

In moment 2:17 we se Goku black crying

Mister Sarajevo says:

God, the shrieky blubbering is going to traumatize the poor little pups.

Milli Corn says:

When i had my first dog. I went to visit my uncle thinking it was a normal day just visiting him, i opened the door and fell to the ground with tears of joy while my uncle saying "its yours!"

kaylin gamer gal says:

Yea but I don't have one

Michael Hu says:

that kid at 2:05 was like damn, now washing and walking the dog will be in my chore list

Kerys Harwin says:

13:07 That cats like… Hell no! F that!

toan Tran says:

They are so happy :)))))

Chris Martino says:

I like my old Westie better

Vocal King Seokjin says:


Joi Taylor says:

Alright now I'm crying

Dylan Holender says:

Im a twenty year old man i would cry if someone got me a puppy.

Bigoted and proud says:

Girls are the best, Boys look a little gay…me I would complain I have to clean the sh1t up!!!!

Gabeeh :D says:

What did we do to deserve kids?

Doctor _Who says:

3:37 thats a big ass kid

auwlhk says:

Life is fantastic. We treasure every kind of goodies.

Tamara Buiza says:

Yo prefiero adoptar, en perreras que comprar dado a que les hace mas falta un hogar, lo pasan mal, pasan frio calor y hambre, deseafia que se adopte en vez de comprar. Ellos también se merecen una vida un hogar

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