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Tiny puppy desperately wants to play with much larger dog

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A 10-week-old French Bulldog is in desperate need of a playmate. She finds this much larger dog who wants nothing to do with French Bulldogs, especially French Bulldog puppies! Too cute!

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abbeyjo Draycott says:

what a cutie

sunlightforeveryone says:

This is how it starts and the adult puppy will attack and you (or worst case your child) will find yourself in the middle of it. Don't mistake Frenchies for just cuddly pets. I know what I'm talking about – I live with Frenchies since more than 20 years.

Ax says:

"Beat it Junior. And take off that trick mustache!"

Lazurkri says:

…why do people dock tails still?

grytlappar says:

Good lord is she cute…

Elisa Huberman says:

Frenchie puppy reminds me of a bunny

Edge Mcsnob says:

and then it died

Evon Williams says:

poor baby please play with me so cute and funny

Nancy Fondren says:

Yappy dog, "I will NOT BE IGNORED!" like Fatal Attraction.

solidsnakeisme says:

That's a typical bully breed for you, no matter how tiny they are, they feel like they are the biggest dog in the world.

gaunter odimm says:

the puppy is like notice me sempai

Takeit Easy says:

Big dog is tolerating the puppy, it knows it wants to play and forces a tailwag every now and then to show it's not going to harm it but inside it's like"Get that thing away from me!". Cute little thing wants to play though.

Rome Alexander says:

The larger dog's reaction kind of reminds me of when you go to the store and a random little kid comes up to you and starts trying to engage with you; at first it's endearing and then you think to yourself "Okay, whose tiny human is this?!?"

Itor Lamop says:

Jesus Christ….next time warn us about the extreme cuteness in the video!!!

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