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Top 10 Funniest Viral Animal Videos Ever

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Top 10 Funniest Viral Animal Videos Ever // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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If you’re the type of person who searches “best animal videos YouTube,” then you’re interested in funny viral animal videos. Whether it’s a Micro Twerking Pig, OMG Cat, Sneezing Baby Panda, or something else entirely, these are some of the cutest pets on the internet. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most hilarious online videos featuring adorable animals.

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00:32 #10: OMG Cat
01:10 #9: Stalking Cat
01:43 #8: Ultimate Dog Tease
02:41 #7: Surprised Kitty
03:17 #6: Sneezing Baby Panda
03:51 #5: Mutant Giant Spider Dog
04:40 #4: Micro Twerking Pig
05:30 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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NickyVendetta says:

Okay NOW Watchmojo has ran out of ideas.

SebTheGreat84 says:

No Long Johnson?

Johnny Hall says:

Okay, That stalking cat has to be part Weeping Angel or something!

tatjana helga says:

Lol hahahahahaha

Birdie Parrott says:

Dramatic chipmunk, first second of clip "this is a prairie dog." Good job

Banana Alcoholic says:

keyboard cat gotta by number 1

Bonap says:

Okay, even if it's an honorable mention, CATS GETTING HURT AIN'T FUNNY

Lelouch Alzahrani says:

6:09 Who love Morning Musume and MiniMoni?

Isaac Moring says:

What about The Screaming Sheep video? That video is so goddamm funny.

MissSallyB1 says:

I guess you could say twerking pig was…
dons sunglasses
shakin' his bacon.

Alex F says:

The smirking pig KILLED ME

Frozed gamer says:

The stalker cat is awesome

Dustin Nunn says:

There is one video missing: a little piglet munching on potato chips saying "WHEEEE!!! HAAAAM DAAAAMN IT!!! WHEEE!!!"

Mandy Cummins says:


Clockwork says:

isnt watchmojo just playing a youtube video/tv show/movie and commenting that reactors do?

Mr. Pawzz says:


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