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Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2016 || JukinVideo (Part 1)

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It’s that time of the year! Welcome to Part 1 of the Top 100 Viral Videos of 2016! We’re counting down the best videos that have went down throughout the year. From pranks and incredible POV’s to good samaritans and instant karma, check out the greatest videos of the year!

Original Link:
100. Base Jump Through Clouds:
99. Hoverboard Catches Fire:
98. Insane Whale Breach:
97. Pumpkinhead:
96. Don’t Blink Twice:
95. Walkway To Heaven:
94. Cliff Diver vs. Death:
93. It’s Raining (Otto)men:
92. Amazing Save:
91. Science Wows Class:
90. Stupid Human Trick:
89. Auto-Pilot and Chill:
88. Bachelor Party Prank Goes Right:
87. Sharks Are Friends:
86. Kobe!!!:
85. Daughter Embarrassed By Mom:
84. Truck vs Earth:
83. Incredible Wind Storm:
82. Wait For It…:
81. Little Girl Restores Humanity:
80. Street Fighters:
79. Clown Terrorizes Runners: N/A
78. Biker’s Close Call With Gravity:
77. LA Drivers Are The Worst:
76. Nope Nope Nope:

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Loading says:

Is anyone wondering how Ricardo is "burnt" like how does that happen?

Worya Nikdin says:

It's already 2017 like 3 months ago

iHeartGamesTV says:

I am only on 99 but I can already tell harambe is gonna be on here

Iz Chick says:

10:14 God bless her heart and that man 🙂 Tearing up now ;')

JKamagie says:

I just love the editing

Catherine Robinson says:

You gays forgot "we are number 1!"

Daisy Shah says:

shouldn't ppap be no 1

AU D SIGN says:

Listen to The Battle Of The Abyss, July 2015 by Leon A Brouwer | composer #np on #SoundCloud

Nick Delmour says:

Youre forgetting one thing. THE WATER BOTTLE FLIP VIDEO

Esteban Castro says:

I miss the other girl…

Lazlow Rave says:

If a director had to shoot the intro, it was likely because he lost at a coin flip…

Rare Pepe. says:

9:14 or #82 Does anyone know the song? Please no shitrude-crapstorm. That joke is old and unfunny.

Lucho Portuano says:

where is shirley or shirel or whaterver her name is?

Fega Gal says:

yeah so… had to go straight to minute 1:54

The Spectator 'er says:

weell intro sucks and 1:47 video starts

LuG says:

YYEEEESSSSS it deserves # 1 definitely
9:45 to 10:18

Jake chicken says:

P.P.A.P all the way!

who is with me!! #like#

Thevampirehunter1271 says:

Did the 94 number/the diver died?

Don Quixote says:

skip to 1:50 if you want to skip the shitty intro

Juan The Great says:


FastVelocity says:

I like the one "IM A GIRAFFE!!!!!"

dee he says:

Follow my instagram @hebert6003

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