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I went overseas oh heck yeh it was great.
hope you guys liked the video!

Canadian Slang Video:

Instagram: rachellorenh

Music: Poddington Bear – Happiness Is
Instrumental of Imagine Dragons – It’s TIme


itlumbro says:

Aw I so wanna go traveling now!! D:

Annoriey says:

Haha it's so fun driving on the other side of the road!! Miss ya pretty face, this vid made me smile heaps xxx

iCreggers says:

yay sounds like you had a lot of fun 🙂

ImDrSchmoll says:

Wow, look at the amazing filming done by me. So film, much artist. Wow.

Paisley Ernst says:

So you're going to come visit us again right =D ?

Ben The Diceman says:

Glad you had fun ^_^ would show you around if you came to London

ItsMeChrisG says:

Haha love how you just pointed out the bin in central park instead of other things 🙂 also I just did a really loud laugh at how Doc said hi in the thingamywatsit and geez what a bad instructor he said go on the left side what a big liar.

BradLakeShow says:

I like how you enjoyed the snow. If you like NY pizza you need to try Chicago pizza

lizzy1131 says:

This makes me want to go overseas more then ever!! AHHHHH 😛

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