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Travel video #7: India, to south Karnataka and its wonders!

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Where I travel from Kerala to Karnataka and start to be amazed by the cultural heritage of India!
I knew about Mysore because of video games (yay culture! And thanks to Empire Total War, Mysore was damned hard to beat!), and I was very happy that I stayed 3 days here because I got the chance to visit Sriranagapatnam too.
By a fortunate accident I met two very kind mexican ladies in who’s delightful company I traveled to Belur and Halebid temple, two jewels in the crown of India, let me tell you! I had the best of time in this one week and still there was more to come!

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Palliri Sajeev says:

i am not sure how you could say this about Kerala, i think you just went by someone else words

M. A rao says:

5;30 part of video tat temple was damaged by muslim rylers 60b % of temple only s left to see now ,can u make a special video abt hosyalashvara temple /belur temple


so good hhh

Sudipta Adhikary says:

Seriously don't understand why you don't have more views

Deepa K says:

Belur Chennakeshava Temple, Halebeedu.
thers also Somanathpura temple a resemblance of the architecture..

Archit Bhonsle says:

I seriously worried why there's no comments about the sculpture with the telescope!

KATAO333 says:

you were referring to Lord Nrshima, half man, half lion, I would have to refer you to Srimad Bhagavatam for this marvelous incarnation of Vishnu! and no you did not see a pig! another incarnation of Vishnu, Boar

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