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Twin babies adorably perform Irish dance

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Check out these adorable twins as they dance off to some Irish music. How cute is that? Credit to ‘JaseChar’.

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Jo Twomey says:

Love these adorable babies

KarenVS&Rexie says:

I love the Harlem Shake but the Irish music is more appropriate.

Elizabeth Sanders says:


Shannon gaming says:

99 Dislikes

Elizabeth Sanders says:

This babies are cute. And funny and sillyFrom Elizabeth. Sanders

Sarah L says:

had to turn off when the irish music stopped, it was cute til then.

Watersmith53 says:

It was great till you fouled it up with the stupid music halfway through.

Hello There says:

I'd walk by & kick them. They're not cute their ugly as fuck

My Version says:

Soooooo cute

smart omar says:

0:07 focus on the left baby's eyebrow and smile,,, just focus on the face

Shelby Wids Dee says:

Best version yet!

Annette Huneault says:

you killed it by putting that lousy music at the end

Cameron Gooding says:

Wtf is this

Robbe Zockt says:

tötet die viecher

Donna Sublett says:

Crap, I sent this to my parents because it was so cute on facebook then you crapped it up with that horrible music at the end.

Chloe Mcgillicuddy says:

im the 1kth liker

Gamevision3 Gamer says:

You just sped it up and cut bis out so dumb!

EmmaAtDrakeIrishDanceAVL says:

I believe its jolly jumper @Regine Enverga

Regine Enverga says:

what is that jumping suits called?

D Lewis says:

What cute little baby dancers, bless them both!x

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