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V H S Viral – full movie

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Domcsii Sz. says:

zsir sirat a film te$$a

dank dank says:

that was just bloody disgusting

kaspersghost says:

safe to say the skateboard part was awesome, the rest was contrived garbage.

Big Head says:

fuck the whole movie I want that Magician tape to become a full movie whoever directed that tape needs to direct an r-rated The Mask movie

TheChoujinVirus says:

I hate it when people zoom in the vid and add crap

яиду домой says:

what did the flying speaker say? Kinda religious stuff wasn't it?

Pythia Sibyls says:

I still really like this anthology film.
Parallel Monsters is great!

Fred Nunes says:

it will be better if they made that skateboard short into a film .

Purple Faded Haze says:

The skateboard story was the only good one.

Darryl Brooks says:

the parallel universe one was cool until the demon dick part

Marine Corps ALL DAY! EVERY DAY! says:

the alien one, moral of the story is, don't strike your wife or she will kill you.

Lord Alex says:

So true ….I expected better….

Kimble Simpson says:

This movie sucked badly the first 2 were much scarier and I can see why it never made the big screen .

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