Viral Fails and Funny Viral Videos! AUGUST 2017 | Funny Weekly Fail Compilation | Best Montage | Get Viral Clicks
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Viral Fails and Funny Viral Videos! AUGUST 2017 | Funny Weekly Fail Compilation | Best Montage

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Viral Fails and Funny Viral Videos! clip montage for August 2017. Weekly selection includes Viral Challenge fails, famous viral crashes outtakes and moments caught on tape.


Do you have an epic fail, a stunt gone wrong or someone getting owned caught on tape? Submit it here and we’ll feature it in our upcoming compilations. Be sure to check back every week ►

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Xmona X says:

If its called ice bucket why do they use water

Arnell Long says:

Never heard of "the floor is lava" until this video.

I hate that I ever found out about it. Yet another stupid invention for the ignorant.

josh Mullinax says:

That monkeys smarter than her.

ryan baldwin says:

reveal ought correct belly metaphor victory wet spokesman stone cookie.

Andrew Rivera says:

3:45 did I just see someone die?

Carl Walton says:

Lava ones are just utter shit.

Morticia Adams says:


Máté Jancsek says:

Why there are so mane fake fails again?

ggm888 says:

5:55 I need to know where that kid lives so I can punch his bitch ass.

Tpli says:

6:30 kiddin me? best parental punishment for the day lol… good luck son, we ain't done till you scooped the last bit of that puddle

Daan Thijssen says:

Dat dab @ 6:01

Sani Robinson says:

This ain't funny somebody could have diet or got hurt really mad

Hendrik Hendrikson says:

4:31 OMFG That kitchen is so dirty you could get AIDS from it or something!
What the fug dudes, clean your house FFS.

Alexa Russo says:

8:08 wtf

Joey Leake says:

Wow did u guys rly miss a day of uploading!!! U r my favorite channel, don't do me like that!!!

Ovidio Garcia says:

3:36 tho hahahahahahaha im dying

HumanParaQuad says:

like for mark

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