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Walmart Does NOT Want America See This Viral video (Part 1) “Pre Crime”

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michael vititoe says:

if you morons can't handle the Wal-Mart stooges by now without playing the race card? go somewhere else. i'm getting tired of
it myself !!!! they treat me like shit, but not in person. they hide from me!! because they know that i don't "play that". if you want
respect from those assholes, then you must project an image of someone who will not put up with their crap!!!

naynay sploogle says:

Walmart now has new cameras that are almost head level… They even light up when you get close and start recording you.
I flick it off every single time I pass it.

AnimalLover4171 says:

I do not see the problem here , even small stores do this stuff. they have to stop the criminals

Kevin Buford says:

Walmart is the only ones that do this

Blue Skies says:

i'm not showing you my receipt you guys can kiss my arse lmfaoo.!!

Blue Skies says:

Walmart is one scary place to go to.. dam that place gives me the creeps

V. Z. says:

Someone spouting about the race card below? I'm white and I get stopped for receipt checking every single time. I don't stop though. I just hold up my receipt and say, "Yup, I got a receipt", and keep walking. A couple years ago though, some dumbass receipt-checker grabbed onto my shopping cart and would not let me leave without taking the receipt out of my wallet and showing it to him. So I hollered, "Someone get a damn manager over here please!". The manager didn't tell the guy to let me go or anything just kept persisting that what they were doing was totally legitimate. I wrote a letter to WM and shortly after there were no more receipt checkers…. for a while. They're at it again though. I must stop shopping there.

Scott "Nighthawk" Nelson says:

The cop was in the wrong as well, she should have been fragged!

alex kozee says:

This is why I only go to local grocery stores

Helmet Barf says:

I hate Wal-Mart, so I don't shop there. If people choose to shop there, that's their business. However, those people need to understand something, if Wal-Mart agents or employees follow you around, or check your receipt against the items in your cart before allowing you the store with those items, THAT'S THEIR BUSINESS.
And I have to be honest, I don't care how Wal-Mart treats it's customers or it's employees. What the fuck do these retards expect from a soul less mega-corporation with a reputation for being a ruthlessly shrewd business. The company doesn't even treat it's suppliers well, so how the fuck do you think it's gonna treat it's employees? And because Wal-Mart is all nice and cozy with the government, helping out the DOD and Homeland Security and a host of other federal and state agencies or departments.
When Wal-Mart puts a store in a small town and it wipes out all the local businesses, it's actually much more sinister than just a ruthless business practice. It's a strategic maneuver intended to shut down Main Street. And when the center of town dries up, the town ends up loosing it's identity and the people move away. No more town. Mission accomplished. It's called economic warfare. Wal-Mart is not just a business. It's a military operation. The objective is to wipe out as many small towns as possible, and corral people into large towns and cities using economic manipulation, which this is just one example of. But here's the thing people, YOU ARE PARTICIPATING. You shop there and you work there to your own detriment, and you either don't care or make excuses for why that is.
The first thing you should do , if you don't want a Wal-Mart opening up a store where you live is to become very familiar with your local government. You need to find out what your municipality or counties economic development objectives are, who decides what those objectives are, and who oversees. You may be surprised to find out that local bureaucrats are usually the people who get the ball rolling when it comes to new Wal-Marts.
But ultimately, if people are only concerned with getting as much shitty stuff as they can, for as little money as possible, well…. they deserve diabetes, cancer and all the diet Coke and Oreo's they can swill down.

Lavenderrose73 says:

They check receipts at Sam's Club too. I figured it's because they've had to deal with so many shoplifters they just want to make sure that they decrease that problem. I have never felt insulted because I needed to show my receipt for the things I have paid for, especially since they were requiring that of everybody, but if somebody is throwing their weight around and harassing a shopper, then I can certainly understand that being a problem.

Linda Davis says:


Riccoh21 says:

People are so stupid to even shop at this shit hole!

Augustus Mustus says:

I'm not a fan of the ceo of Amazon (selling out the post to the CIA)…BUT Amazon just purchased Whole Foods & has them sweating..Bwhahahaha Goodnight Waltons, you white trash, Jeffery Epstein esq, "illuminated " scum of the earth!

Rngnd1314 says:

this is why i love taking stuff for free from walmart,everyone should atleast give it a try just once?lol

susan scott says:

Kmart started this type of behavior when it became their policy to reward employees for finding shoplifters, I stopped going there as they began following you around for no reason. I don’t mind them asking for receipts for unbagged items though, they are just doing their jobs.

Sky Man says:

I definitely hate Walmart, but not because they try to detour thieves. people walk out with unpaid merchandise CONSTANTLY. so that's why they are so adamant about trying to check people. they are evil bastards, but not because they are suspicious of people who have come in LOOKING and ACTING suspicious. people need to just get over that. if you haven't stolen anything then that will become clear. just let em check your receipt. but acting like some of these people only makes you MORE suspicious. ESPECIALLY when you you start trying to call em out for racial profiling. that really makes you look guilty

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