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Watch: Chinese table tennis player’s intense routine goes viral

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China’s table tennis team is a dominant performer at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, with its players involved in both the men’s and women’s gold medal matches. And since table tennis was introduced to the Olympics in 1988, China has won all the gold medals but four. We often see the players’ masterful performances at the table, but rarely get a look at their hard work behind the scenes. A video of Zhang Jike, the table tennis Grand Slam winner, training with his coach, the legendary player Liu Guoliang, has gone viral recently. Take a look at the Chinese table tennis player’s intense training routine.

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xellossaxon says:

Forrest Gump wouldn't stand a chance!

Data Integration Thought Entity Humanoid Interface says:

time to raise my APM!

Genius Solar says:

Am from Pakistan, your country mean our country….long live Pak China Friendship

Genius Solar says:

Fantastic….its Awesome…i really appreciate Chinese athletes and wish, Chinese get their target and win lot of Gold maddle in rio Olympics 2016…!

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