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Woman gets revenge by losing weight

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A Texas woman got revenge on her cheating husband by losing 103 pounds. Her story is now going viral.


Mekako gio says:

now who is the loser in this situation and two Idiots mistress whose biting her nails and husband who cheated good for you

Ultra Envy says:

she looks awesome! good for her

Sahra Tank says:

The Husband is an Eggles Bastard !!!! This is in other Good for her to see with what an Fucking Asshole she lived with!!!
She turned it in a very Positiv Situation Brave Woman !!!!!!!

michaelofsc says:

If she didn't bother before, she will just gain it back latter. Pitty the next guy, she will just put the weight back on.

Lloyd Clement says:

WOW! She looks great!

Nefertari says:

Why lose weight in revenge? Why should your health come after that? Could she not lose it before? Doing it as a revenge speaks a lot.

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