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Worlds Best Puppy Christmas Surprise

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She has wanted a German Shepherd her entire life. This was the best Christmas EVER!


shahin banu says:

Where the hell is puppy

MonteeeP says:

That is 1:17 of my life I'll never get back…..LOL

joe says:

I was about to say if that puppy was in that sealed box that she turned on it's side, I would've been pissed.

healthystyle says:

Where's the puppy??????

Katelynn Alonso holland says:

For a second I thought the puppy was in the box like a baby puppy or a teacup and when we turned it around my heart dropped and I got so fucking scared

Travis Johnson says:

You're gonna call this "Worlds Best Puppy Christmas Surprise" and then not even show the puppy? Change the title, or better yet, delete this waste of a video. Have a bad day.

Anthony Butler says:

Stupid clip; you would have to be some sort of an imbecile to put up a puppy clip with no puppy!

Lilly says:

Where's the puppy????

vee tour says:

I was afraid the puppy was in the box… or the remains of it.

puppy pup-pup says:

Wher is the puppy

Sigh Phi Guy says:

your 1st video ever and its a clickbait?!
well done sir!
you are not the youtuber we deserve…but the one we need!

Luis Peral says:

That was so misleading.

Frank Bootleg says:

So where's the dog dude?

IMC IMC says:

I thought the puppy was in the box.

James Franck says:

This guy talks like a 6 year old girl. "Wanna go find yer puppie?' She probably never got one, just the collar. With luck, she dumped this moron.

Gabriela Martinez says:

where's the puppy?????

carcillian says:

Thank god the fuckin puppy wasn't in the fuckin box!

RandomUser043 says:

i realized this is just another shitty video by a random asshole who uploaded something unrelated to the video title

steve4nj says:

I thought the puppy was IN the box

Dontavius gameplays says:

There's no puppy booooo

Aix Samson says:

Penge tuta isa lang po lalakeng tuta po

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